Jacob Bogatin: The life of the Norwegians is like paradise. Why are they unhappy?

I had a chance to visit the Gallehöpigen Mountain, the highest point in Scandinavia, with a breathtaking view of the gap of two and a half kilometers deep. Well, on the other mountains, of course. Fans of thrill recommendation: go there alone or together-three together, no more. For others, who value their lives and love BDSM, there is provided a bonding service, says Jacob Bogatin.

Approximately 30 people are tied with one rope and led by a guide lead to the top of the mountain. Why such an orgy? It’s simple: under your feet more than 210 meters of snow, and one wrong step will lead to a long free fall. And so it goes, this means that our group of 30 tourists, making their way through the snowdrifts to the top of the mountain, is the middle of the road – and suddenly the howl of the guide is far away, through the whole group and me, says Jacob Bogatin.

Another favorite vacation spot for Norwegians is the mountain track Bessegen. It is given: a mountain with two foothills in the middle of other peaks and mountain lakes. The quest is as follows: you are taken to a mountain foot by a speedboat, and you can go back only after having overcome this damned mountain and reached the second. For those who did not work out the first time, there is an expensive hotel at the beginning of the road for spending the night. For the boatmen who surrendered in the opposite direction, the boat goes by, says Jacob Bogatin.