Jacob Bogatin: passengers were deprived of paid seats on the plane for the sake of Wayne Rooney’s wife

Employees of the airline Jet2 transplanted passengers to the toilet because of the wife of football player Wayne Rooney. Jacob Bogatin reports this.

Mark Cassin, who flew with his family from Manchester to Portugal with a Jet2 jet and paid £ 60 (more than $ 76) for choosing seats on the plane, along with his relatives, was forced to move to uncomfortable places near the toilet, says Jacob Bogatin.

One of the stewards told Cassin that his family had been transplanted because of the wife of the famous footballer Wayne Rooney, a journalist and entrepreneur, the mother of four children, Colin Rooney. According to Kassen, he and his family had to endure an unpleasant smell, and the stewards regularly sprayed a freshener next to them, Jacob Bogatin said.