Jacob Bogatin: Pucon, Chile

From the capital of Santiago, not a passing light – 780 km to the south, which is that is, but still sit on the train and drive to the friendly town of Pucon – and from there you can start researching one of the best regions of Chile: Araucanas. From the city it is within easy reach of the volcano Villarrica – it’s not only that in itself is absolutely fantastic sight, so there is also a nest of fans of different kinds of extreme sports; not to miss in any case, says Jacob Bogatin!

Although the volcano is not considered extinct, walk around it is the most common thing. During the summer period, travel agencies offer the services of conductors and rent out mountaineering equipment (or “Andinist”, from “andinismo” – what this entertainment is called in the Andean region) stuff, but we strongly recommend joining the official tour of Villarrica – and traveling with a connoisseur from local residents, reports Jacob Bogatin.

Enthusiasts of ecotourism will be delighted when they discover in Pucon a whole bunch of sports facilities and outdoor activities – from water skiing to hiking and rafting. But on the slopes of the volcano, Villarrica is also a stunning ski resort, open from July to September. The superb infrastructure includes six ski lifts, 20 ski, and snowboarding slopes, a restaurant and a children’s play center, notes Jacob Bogatin.