Jacob Bogatin: Pucon, Chile

From the capital of Santiago, not a passing light – 780 km to the south, which is that is, but still sit on the train and drive to the friendly town of Pucon – and from there you can start researching one of the best regions of Chile: Araucanas. From the city it is within easy reach of the volcano Villarrica – it’s not only that in itself is absolutely fantastic sight, so there is also a nest of fans of different kinds of extreme sports; not to miss in any case, says Jacob Bogatin!

Although the volcano is not considered extinct, walk around it is the most common thing. During the summer period, travel agencies offer the services of conductors and rent out mountaineering equipment (or “Andinist”, from “andinismo” – what this entertainment is called in the Andean region) stuff, but we strongly recommend joining the official tour of Villarrica – and traveling with a connoisseur from local residents, reports Jacob Bogatin.

Enthusiasts of ecotourism will be delighted when they discover in Pucon a whole bunch of sports facilities and outdoor activities – from water skiing to hiking and rafting. But on the slopes of the volcano, Villarrica is also a stunning ski resort, open from July to September. The superb infrastructure includes six ski lifts, 20 ski, and snowboarding slopes, a restaurant and a children’s play center, notes Jacob Bogatin.


Jacob Bogatin: passengers were deprived of paid seats on the plane for the sake of Wayne Rooney’s wife

Employees of the airline Jet2 transplanted passengers to the toilet because of the wife of football player Wayne Rooney. Jacob Bogatin reports this.

Mark Cassin, who flew with his family from Manchester to Portugal with a Jet2 jet and paid £ 60 (more than $ 76) for choosing seats on the plane, along with his relatives, was forced to move to uncomfortable places near the toilet, says Jacob Bogatin.

One of the stewards told Cassin that his family had been transplanted because of the wife of the famous footballer Wayne Rooney, a journalist and entrepreneur, the mother of four children, Colin Rooney. According to Kassen, he and his family had to endure an unpleasant smell, and the stewards regularly sprayed a freshener next to them, Jacob Bogatin said.

Jacob Bogatin: The life of the Norwegians is like paradise. Why are they unhappy?

I had a chance to visit the Gallehöpigen Mountain, the highest point in Scandinavia, with a breathtaking view of the gap of two and a half kilometers deep. Well, on the other mountains, of course. Fans of thrill recommendation: go there alone or together-three together, no more. For others, who value their lives and love BDSM, there is provided a bonding service, says Jacob Bogatin.

Approximately 30 people are tied with one rope and led by a guide lead to the top of the mountain. Why such an orgy? It’s simple: under your feet more than 210 meters of snow, and one wrong step will lead to a long free fall. And so it goes, this means that our group of 30 tourists, making their way through the snowdrifts to the top of the mountain, is the middle of the road – and suddenly the howl of the guide is far away, through the whole group and me, says Jacob Bogatin.

Another favorite vacation spot for Norwegians is the mountain track Bessegen. It is given: a mountain with two foothills in the middle of other peaks and mountain lakes. The quest is as follows: you are taken to a mountain foot by a speedboat, and you can go back only after having overcome this damned mountain and reached the second. For those who did not work out the first time, there is an expensive hotel at the beginning of the road for spending the night. For the boatmen who surrendered in the opposite direction, the boat goes by, says Jacob Bogatin.


Jacob Bogatin: The Rainbow Bridge

One of the greatest wonders of the world – a beautiful pink sandstone bridge, where the action of Indian legends unfolds, curved over the rocky plain of southern Utah, like a Rainbow Bridge National Monument. The Paiute and Navajo Indians, who inhabited the southern part of Utah, made legends about the mysterious “rainbow made of stone,” but only a few knew the precise location of this massive stone arch, repeating the heavenly rainbow in shape and color. The rainbow bridge is considered sacred among the Navajo Indians, and it is represented as a symbol of the deity on which lies the responsibility for creating clouds, rainbows, and rains – which is the meaning of life in the desert, says Jacob Bogatin.

Numerous archaeological finds indicate that it was a regular pilgrimage. This place was called sacred because not everyone could get here. Multiple obstacles in the form of deep canyons and cliffs blocked the way for curious people. Besides, the stone arch is hidden from the eyes of outsiders by the high walls of the canyon, so it is almost impossible to detect it accidentally. Intrigued by tales of this miracle, located somewhere near the Navajo mountain, three daredevils in 1909 went through deserts and meandering canyons in search of him. Passing the most difficult areas of North America, they saw a vast rainbow arch, thinks Jacob Bogatin.
The first spectacle caused awe of the riders. Arch correctly repeated the real rainbow not only inform but also in colors. Under a bright, clear sky, usually, a pinkish stone looked dark purple, in the light of the pre-dawning sun, the veins that streaked it seemed reddish-brown. This elegant, length of 94 m sandstone bridge – the most significant and most perfect natural formation of this type. It connects the canyon slopes 85 m wide. Its height – 88 m from the base to the highest point – is slightly higher than the height of the bell tower Ivan the Great in the Kremlin; The thickness of the stone is 13 m, and the width is 10 m – enough to accommodate a two-lane highway.

The unprecedented size and beauty of the “rainbow” prompted the US President Theodore Roosevelt to proclaim it the greatest miracle of nature. Rushing from the rock with which it once formed a single whole, a mighty arch flies over the narrow ribbon of the Bridge Creek River. For thousands of years, its water and abrasive deposits have been undermining and washing away the base of the rock block, until only this air arch was left from it. Moreover, the polished stone sculpture was polished by the wind, according to Jacob Bogatin.


Jacob Bogatin: Zurich is the “financial heart” of Switzerland

Switzerland is a fantastic country, which is famous for its unsurpassed beauty. There are many cities and a variety of resorts. Switzerland – a favorite place among tourists, even though it is one of the expensive countries for recreation. However, for the sake of positive emotions, it is not a pity to pay any money, says Jacob Bogatin.

One of the most expensive and at the same time excellent places in Switzerland is the city of Zurich. It is famous for its many cultural and historical sights. Arriving here, they must be visited.

However, the city is proud of its natural resources, one of which is the most beautiful Lake Zurichsee. Right in the center of the town, standing on the Kwaibrücke bridge, you can observe how the Lymar River flows from it and carries its crystal clear waters across the whole of Zurich and beyond. Well, from a trip on the lake by boat, you will undoubtedly be delighted, and you can enjoy the pastoral scenery of the suburbs, says Jacob Bogatin.

A trendy place for locals and tourists alike is Lindenhof – it’s a park and a great viewing platform, from where you can admire the view of the river, the center of Zurich, see the towers of the Grossmunster temple and the library. If you travel with children, they will definitely like visiting the Zurich Zoo, because it is not only well equipped, but the animals are kept in outdoor cages, at a reasonable distance to make them comfortable to see.

For those who are interested in the economic power of the city, a walk along the Bahnhofstrasse street is perfect, thinks Jacob Bogatin. There are convenient shops and stores with safes, diamonds, gold and numbered accounts of wealthy people in the whole world, who are very strictly protected.

On a sunny, bright day, it is recommended to visit the Fraumunster Cathedral. Here the stained-glass windows are exposed in such a way that they reflect the sun’s rays and the room is flooded with a variety of bright colors. Positive emotions and good mood from the seen spectacle are provided.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton